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Integrated urban water management is central to LandCorp’s WGV Innovation through Demonstration project at White Gum Valley.

By maximising natural sources, implementing water sensitive urban design and water efficiency measures, WGV at White Gum Valley aims to achieve a 70 per cent reduction in current mains water consumption*.


Key initiatives to drive this reduction include a community bore irrigation system, integrated stormwater management, rainwater harvesting systems, water efficient fixtures and appliances, real time monitoring and low water use landscaping.


Innovation WGV Initiative Water

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The community bore has been installed in the public open space to provide irrigation to public and private lots within the precinct. This will provide a source of non-potable water for garden irrigation which is an innovative approach to water supply at precinct scale in WA.


Water supplies from both the community bore and water mains to each lot will be individually metered and logged in real time to demonstrate mains water savings and provide prompt notification of any leaks or water supply issues.


We have worked with our project partners to develop a community-wide stormwater retention system, incorporating stormwater pit arrangements which feed into a series of pipes around tree root systems. Four street trees were selected for the initial trial, with the intention to adopt this approach more widely in future works to increase soil moisture content, plant health and tree growth.


In addition to providing an alternative water source to individual lots, the community bore and stormwater management system support the water sensitive landscape design of the precinct. Waterwise plant selection and landscaping techniques such as soil conditioning and appropriate mulch cover will reduce irrigation requirements.


The Design Guidelines for the precinct require all single residential dwellings be installed with dual-plumbing, including accompanying pipework and roof plumbing. Plumbed rainwater tanks will also be installed to provide a supply of non-drinkable water for toilet flushing and washing machines through a Sustainability Package.


The precinct  is also the  focus of a four year ‘living laboratory’ research program to monitor the performance of the water and energy efficiency initiatives and share the findings with the wider community.


As well as a One Planet Community,  WGV has achieved  the Water Corporation’s Waterwise Development endorsement and will be subject of a three year monitoring program as a waterwise development exemplar .


This information will be critical in Perth’s drying climate, helping to make Waterwise Developments an important part of our water future.


* Figures based on average Perth consumption for single residential dwellings, when adopting WGV’s Design Guidelines and Sustainability Rebate Package.