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Fremantle is a vibrant community and its residents share a passion for sustainability. The new WGV precinct at White Gum Valley has been designed to capture, retain and encourage this culture, while setting a new standard for sustainable living in Western Australia.


The existing community fabric of the area has been respected and strengthened through the design of WGV. LandCorp, Access Housing and Fremantle-based cooperative Sustainable Housing for Artists and Creatives (SHAC) are working together to deliver a community housing development for local artists and their families within WGV, supporting creative industry and encouraging diversity and culture in the community.


The development will also integrate the existing community facilities on site, including Sullivan Hall and initially the Freo Men’s Shed, however the men’s shed organisation will relocated to Hilton late 2016.


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Featuring world-class energy-saving initiatives, attractive affordable living options and a wide range of shared amenities, WGV will become a community where it is easy and more affordable for people to live in a way that makes smart use of the earth’s resources.


To help future residents adopt more sustainable lifestyles, we have collaborated with the City of Fremantle and other groups to develop strategies and incentives, such as building attractive community spaces, community housing, and introducing new residents at the development to community activities, community gardens, and active recreation.


WGV community BBQ

In return for resident’s commitment to the vision for WGV, a funding package worth up to $10,000 for eligible single lot buyers will be available to support the installation of sustainable technologies such as solar power, water tanks, advanced tree and smart meters.


Addressing the rising cost of living, WGV offers lower operating costs through reduced use of water and electricity.


A variety of engaging outdoor facilities have been designed to foster community cohesion including barbeque and picnic facilities, a nature play area and informal seating areas.

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WGV also taps into the talent pool of local artists to design landscape features including several interpretive signs that help tell the story and rich history of the WGV site where the former Kim Beazley School was based until its closure in 2008.


The design process has taken an integrated approach to ensuring the development provides solid alternatives to car-based travel including walking and bike paths; inclusion on local bus routes; provision for electric car recharging, bike parking spaces and change facilities in building Design Guidelines; and potential inclusion in the City of Fremantle’s planned car share scheme.


As an Innovation through Demonstration project, LandCorp is committed to sharing sustainable building innovations, tips and lessons learned on our website as the precinct is developed. By providing regular updates online we will be able to share the benefits of sustainable living with all Western Australians.


While the online community will have the opportunity to share in the process of creating a sustainable precinct, the local community will also be encouraged to share their experiences of living at WGV into the future.


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