WGV: A new way of living

Thursday, June 25, 2015 | News

Guest post from LandCorp Chief Executive Frank Marra

As our city continues to grow, it is important to explore different development opportunities and to push the boundaries which dictate where we live and how we build. To invest in change which people can see and feel, so we can create smarter ways to live.

Sometimes this means leaping into the unknown, and demonstrating how a new and innovative model can create places where people want to live and places which are commercially viable for the wider development industry.


Innovation WGV A New Way of Living

Last week we launched WGV at White Gum Valley, one of the most unique urban infill development projects ever undertaken in Western Australia.

It is a project which will demonstrate how sustainable living can be affordable living - with our future residents saving up to $1200 on their annual utility bills. It will demonstrate how compact houses can feature great design, and how sustainable, higher density communities are great places to live.

We believe this is a project which will demonstrate a smarter way to live, and will help change the way Western Australians live.

As the State's land and infrastructure development agency, LandCorp is uniquely positioned to tailor land development and infill projects to meet the demands of our city's incredible population growth. Our Innovation through Demonstration program is a critical part of our work and WGV is one of our most anticipated projects. What makes it different is its potential to deliver so many positive advances for the building and development industry.

It is also the first residential precinct to achieve national recognition through global sustainability initiative One Planet Living.

The project will play a major role in shaping how we develop small infill precincts across the city. Around Perth and throughout the regions, LandCorp is working to realise the potential of many underutilised pockets of land. Our ongoing commitment to these projects will see us breathe new life into many established communities like White Gum Valley.

By adopting an innovative approach to development, we are better placed to help achieve the State Government's Perth and Peel@3.5million industry target of building 380,000 new infill homes of a total 800,000 by 2050. A critical success factor for reaching this target is to be able to demonstrate the many benefits of higher density living.
This innovative approach will be achieved through good industry and government collaboration. . We are very proud of the engagement we have had with the local community at White Gum Valley as this project has taken shape - local residents have been a source of inspiration and have actively informed the vision we are now seeing realised.

The project has also enjoyed the support of the City of Fremantle. Thanks to Mayor Brad Pettit and his fellow councillors for supporting the project initiatives through the consultation and planning stages of this development and we look forward to working closely with them as the project progresses.

The Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project will also form a crucial part of WGV, and will be the focus of a four year research project undertaken by researchers at Curtin University in collaboration with the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living.

I am sure WGV will capture your imagination and inspire you to look at infill developments and sustainable living with fresh eyes.

I encourage you to return to this website to keep track of the project as it develops, as we will be sharing the lessons of resource efficient building and providing projects developments regularly. You can join in the social media conversation with #innovationwgv.


View photos from the Launch of the LandCorp cutting edge, sustainable WGV. community.


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