GenY Update: December 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015 | News

Construction of the Gen Y Demonstration Housing commenced on 2 December 2015. After more than a year of planning and detailed design following the Gen Y Design Competition, it is great to see construction get underway.

This project will see a small housing development transform a 251sq/m site at the entry to the WGV development into a two storey building containing three one bedroomed dwellings, each with their own private open space and a communal courtyard.

The Gen Y housing, designed by David Barr Architect and being built by Perth Builders, will demonstrate that compact dwellings can achieve a high level of amenity at an affordable price. The project will also demonstrate a range of passive and active climate responsive design principles as well as a number of energy and water efficiency initiatives.

Key milestones achieved in December include:

  • Two large storage tanks installed under the central courtyard space for communal rainwater harvesting
  • Plumbing and electrical pre-lay completed
  • Ground floor footings and concrete slabs poured.


Rainwater Storage Tanks

 Gen Y Rainwater Tanks

This shallow excavation and "ground water table stable" tank ensures that there is minimal excavation required with very easy installation. The LiLo tank comes in 1500ltr, 3000ltr or 5000ltr capacities but there is also the option of interconnecting these tanks together. The tanks are suitable for rainwater harvesting, stormwater management, pump out chambers, septic holding tanks or other underground liquid storage applications. Being underground, the tanks are out of sight, out of mind and out of the way whilst also having great accessibility through a 600mm manhole which can be for pedestrian loading, class B for car traffic or class C for truck loading.

Graf Plastics Australia tanks are fully certified to the AS/NZ 1546.1:2008 tank standards, are Australian made and are made on location at a fully ISO accredited factory / site using German design and technology. These tanks come with a 15 year warranty.

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Holcim Concrete

Gen Y concrete

As a leading supplier in the cement, concrete and aggregates industry, Holcim is committed to building a sustainable future. Holcim's commitment to greater ecological sustainability involves improving the energy efficiency of cement production, reducing greenhouse emissions, increasing the use of industrial by-products in concrete and applying state of the art concrete technology so that we can produce environmentally friendly, high quality concrete called Ecomax™.

Ecomax™ has a significantly reduced total amount of energy required to produce concrete, including the energy consumed in extraction of the raw materials, processing, manufacture and transport. Holcim are able to achieve this by implementation of the following initiatives;

  • Using by-products such as blast furnace slag as alternative cementitious materials
  • Installing a recycled water management system in all concrete plants
  • Using by-products in our quarry operations to produce a 'manufactured sand' that is used in Holcim Ecomax™ concrete as an alternative to natural sand

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