GenY Update: April-May 2016

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 | News

Construction of the Gen Y Housing continued to progress well during April and May with the completion of timber framing construction and 'Topping out' with the addition of the roof Hood which will improve ventilation and daylighting for Apartment 2.


GenY Apr-May Update


The installation of the Bondor Roof panels was also completed providing a combined

COLORBOND® roof, thermal insulation and a smooth ceiling lining for the Gen Y housing.


GenY Apr-May Update


The ingenuity of these products give builders and designers the ability to create architectural roof lines, high ceilings and a continuous thermal barrier for superior comfort and energy efficient living all year round.


GenY Apr-May Update


InsulRoof® & SolarSpan® are engineered to offer unsupported long spans between walls, creating higher ceilings and more spacious open plan living areas. This eliminates the complexities and time of traditional build methods that depend on multiple trades to handle framing, roofing, plastering and insulating roof and ceiling areas.

LandCorp is collaborating with Curtin University, the CRC for Low Carbon Living, Solar Balance, Balance Group and the CSIRO to undertake ground-breaking research, to look at how to increase the uptake of renewable energy within strata residential developments across Australia. With the roof paneling in place at Gen Y is was possible to install the 9kW PV system on the roof of the building which will eventually connect to the battery storage system at ground level.


GenY Apr-May Update


The Gen Y PV and battery storage system will provide the majority of electricity needs to residents, with the billing system to be handled by the strata company. Tenants will pay their electricity bill to the strata company, instead of the energy retailer, which provides an additional revenue stream for property owners to justify the capital investment. This can offset the owner’s strata costs. Tenants will pay no more for their electricity than if they were to buy it from the energy retailer, but they get carbon-free electricity.


GenY Apr-May Update


The insulation is now in place at Gen Y and everything is ready for the installation

of the Colorbond cladding


GenY Apr-May Update


Key Milestones for this period include:

  • Completion of timber framing and roof hood
  • Installation of Bondor roof panels
  • Installation of  PV Panels


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