Community Information

The Vive swings into shape

Locals are now able to take advantage of the public parks within The Vive, which have be created as a green 'spine' through the centre of the estate. 

In addition to the trees that line the streets throughout The Vive, this parkland will become the heart and soul of the estate, and has been designed to connect seamlessly with the existing Otago Park. 

It includes exercise equipment, play areas and plenty of big trees making it a great place for families to relax, kick a football and meet friends. 

Craigie Art-iculated

There's a new edition to the Craigie landscape following the installation of art pieces within the estate. 

The pieces have been designed and constructed by local artist and former Craigie High School student Trevor Bly. 

The '6025' sculpture at the entry to the estate includes original concrete pieces taken from the terraces outside the former school gym. 

"After the school closed down, the terraces became a canvas for hundreds of aerosol artists to practice their art.  It was an important place for artistic development in the area," Trevor said. 

"By collecting pieces of the remaining terraces and original wall, and including them inside the sculpture, I hope to immortalise the significance of this site." 

Following workshops with local residents and students last year, Trevor has also designed three decorative manhole covers which have been installed in the central park area. 

The manhole covers each represent a different theme, illustrating what locals like best about the suburb of Craigie. 

These include: (1) the history of The Vive site; (2) the great schools in the area and high value placed on education; and (3) the close-knit local community. 

The one metre wide manhole covers are installed in three separate locations to allow everyone to enjoy the story they represent.

Watch the film below to find out more about the creation of these art pieces.