Experience Stories of Subi through augmented reality

A unique collaboration!

We teamed up with the brilliant 2019 Year 10 Innovation class of Perth Modern School to create an interactive augmented reality (AR) art installation that celebrates the rich heritage of Subiaco.

Stories of Subi entices you to discover just some of the many stories of this iconic suburb through the eyes of the students. Come and enjoy this unique experience any day of the week at the Subi East Community Hub. Remember to bring your smart phone!
5 Brigid Road, Subiaco (at Subiaco Square, near the Subiaco train station)


What’s AR?

This exciting project uses AR to bring you a digitally enhanced view of your real surroundings via an easy-to-use app on your mobile phone. A static image will 'come to life' as video right before your eyes.

Experience the fun!

1. Download the FREE EyeJack app.
2. Head to the Subi East Community Hub, open the EyeJack app, select the Stories of Subi event and click ‘Launch AR’.
3. Look for the ‘AR’ icons surrounding the Community Hub and hover your phone’s camera over the images.
4. Make sure you phone's volume is turned up before the images 'come alive'.
5. Enjoy the augmented reality experience and share!

Try it now!

Can’t wait? Get a taste for the experience by trying one of the AR targets right now. Simply follow the instructions above, then using your smart phone, hover the camera over the image below. A full description of the historical context as interpreted by one the students is featured below the image.

Witness life blossom from the Aleppo Pine seeds.

“The Aleppo Pines growing along Coghlan Road are of great cultural significance. They were part of an exchange of seedlings between Australia and Gallipoli  orchestrated in 1924 by Mr Alexander Bruce, the curator of parks and gardens for the Subiaco council. The Australian seedlings sent over were the first seedlings planted at the graves of the fallen. These pines hold great significance to war veterans and their families.”
Student, Perth Modern School

Trees of this species have a lifespan of around 90 to 100 years. The new Bob Hawke College intends to work with the local community to look at ways to keep the tradition going.

Discover even more Stories of Subi

Enjoy amazing AR storytelling through the eyes of students, some with narration as well, when you visit the Subi East Community Hub.

Special Thanks
We’d like to thank all the speakers who gave their time and inspiration to the students and helped to bring this project to life:
- Dr Ken Michael AC, Former Governor of WA 2006-2011 and Chairman of Perth Modern School;
- Richard Diggins, Former Mayor of Subiaco 1978-1989;
- Anne Bourke, President of the Children’s Hospital Alumni Western Australia Incorporated (CHAWA);
- Sue Burtenshaw, CHAWA; and
- Carol Innes, Manager Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and Arts, DevelopmentWA.
Also a special shout-out to the students' teacher Jarrad Strain.