Where is the Subi East project area?

The Subi East project area includes a number of parcels of land, totalling 35.6ha, in the north-eastern corner of Subiaco. In very broad terms, it roughly extends from Haydn Bunton Drive through to Thomas Street, although Perth Modern School is not within the boundary area. Key sites include Subiaco Oval and surrounding land, the Princess Margaret Hospital site, and the Inner City College site.

What does the Subi East redevelopment project involve?

It is still early days in the planning for the future of Subi East. The first priority for the project is delivery of the Inner City College with enabling works already underway.

This new secondary school is being developed to provide student enrolment relief for Shenton College, Churchlands Senior High School and Mount Lawley Senior High School.

As for the wider Subi East project, investigations and studies have just begun so there's a long way to go before we will know the outcomes of research, analysis and feasibility studies - all of which will help shape the planning process. In the meantime we'll  work closely with the City of Subiaco, key stakeholders and all-of-Government, and will be engaging with the wider community during this process.

We'll let you know more about how you can be involved in the coming months.

How can I be kept informed of progress?

You'll have the opportunity to contribute to the future plans of Subi East in 2018. If you'd like to be kept up-to-date, you might like to sign up using the yellow "Stay Informed" button that can be found on the Overview page.

Will Subi East take into account work already completed by the City of Subiaco?

Absolutely. The City of Subiaco has already completed a lot of planning work, including:

Draft Economic Development Strategy

Draft Transport, Access and Parking Strategy

North Subiaco Structure Plan

Think 2030, the City's Strategic Community Plan.

We are reviewing these strategies as part of the process to shape our planning for Subi East.

Who is building the Inner City College?

The Departments of Education and Finance (Building Management and Works) are managing the delivery of the new secondary school. They will work with several suppliers including builders and developers over the coming years, which is likely to create a boost in jobs for the area.

PACT Construction was awarded the first stage of works to prepare Kitchener Park for construction of the Inner City College.

A building contractor will be appointed as the plans for the high school progress.

Visit Department of Education's website to find out more about the school.

Why is the new Inner City College being built on Kitchener Park?

Subiaco is at the heart of high projected population growth in the inner and western suburbs and is ideally located to provide student enrolment relief for Shenton College, Churchlands Senior High School and Mount Lawley Senior High School.

How much will the Inner City College cost?

The State Government has allocated $68million funding to deliver Stage 1 of the new high school. This money marks a significant investment to create a secondary school that is likely to have a positive impact on the surrounding community.

When will construction of the school begin?

Forward works have been completed - these works essentially prepare the site for buidling construction, including the laying down of services (water, power, telephone/internet, etc). Construction of the new Inner City College on Kitchener Park will begin mid-2018.

When will the Inner City College open?

The school will open to Year 7 students in 2020 and will grow to accommodate around 1500 Year 7 to 12 students by 2025.

It will have capacity for 2000 students following the completion of Stage 2 of the building program.

How can I enrol my child for the new Subiaco Inner City College?

Local intake area maps for the school are now available on the Department of Education website. Applications for enrolment will open in 2019.

What will happen to Subiaco Oval?

We're currently investigating the site to determine the best way forward, taking into account all the priorities for Subi East. An oval will be available for school and community groups to use and enjoy in the future.

What will happen to the entry gates at Subiaco Oval?

The iconic entry gates at Subiaco Oval are state heritage listed and will be conserved and protected during future works.

What will happen to Mueller Park?

Mueller Park will be kept as a public park and there are no plans to redevelop this area.

The reason it has been included in the new redevelopment boundary is to allow for water, power, gas and landscaping upgrades along the road reserves next to the park.

Can I have an event at Mueller park?

Contact the City of Subiaco's Community Facilities Administration Officer on 6229 6600 or email recreation@subiaco.wa.gov.au

What will happen to Princess Margaret Hospital?

Following the opening of the new Perth Children's Hospital,  PMH closed on 10 June 2018 and Department of Health is currently decommissioning the hospital.

The site has been secured – a process which includes fencing the site and closing certain areas for unauthorised access, security patrols and CCTV surveillance. We will also be investigating options to activate the area while the master planning process is underway.

Developing plans and timelines for the site will be part of our master planning process. Some buildings within the PMH site – namely Godfrey House and the multi-faith building – have heritage significance, which will be acknowledged and reflected in the considerations for the master planning process.

When will PMH be demolished?
As part of the Subiaco East Business Case a number of investigations need to take place to determine the future of the site. The State Government is expected to consider  the business case  in early 2019.

Can I tour PMH?
If you wish to find out whether it's possible to tour PMH please contact the Deparment of Health on (08) 9222 4222.

How do I make an enquiry/complaint about a project matter?

We welcome your feedback, questions or concerns. On the Overview page of the Subi East website, you will find a contacts box that provides both phone and email details.

For any questions about works on Kitchener Park or construction of the Inner City College please email the Department of Education.  

Earlier this year the MRA advertised the Subiaco Redevelopment Scheme 2. What is a redevelopment scheme?

The redevelopment scheme is a legislative document that sets out the provisions for the development and use of land within a particular area. It also allows us to prepare statutory planning documents which form part of the area's planning framework.

Subiaco Redevelopment Scheme 2 came into effect in March 2018, transferring planning authority from Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and the City of Subiaco to MRA.

If you would like more information on the planning for Sub East visit the MRA website.

Does Subi East fall within the Subiaco Redevelopment Area?

Yes. The Subiaco Redevelopment Area area sits 3km west of Perth's CBD, boundered by West Leederville, West Perth, Jolimont and Daglish. It covers two separate project areas: the now completed and award winning Subi Centro; and Subi East.

I live in the redevelopment area. What does the scheme mean for me?

Any future development of your property will be guided by Subiaco Redevelopment Scheme 2 and the policies if you live or own property within the redevelopment area. This just means that instead of submitting your plans to the City of Subiaco for approval, you'll submit your planning and development applications to the MRA.

The City of Subiaco will still be responsible for other local approvals like building permits.

I want to develop my property. Who do I speak to?

With Subiaco Redevelopment Scheme 2 now in place, anyone wishing to develop their land will need to lodge a development application with MRA.

Some small, low impact activities such as building maintenance and side fences will not require approval.

You can find our more about what kind of works do not require approval in the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority Regulations 2011. The City of Subiaco is still responsible for other local government approvals, such as building permits.

How do I take part in community consultation?
If you would like to be involved in future community consultation please register your details.