Envirodevelopment Certification

UDIA EnviroDevelopment Certification

In July 2017 Shoreline at North Coogee became the largest mixed-use development in Western Australia to achieve UDIA EnviroDevelopment Certification.

EnviroDevelopment is a scientifically-based assessment scheme that independently reviews development projects and awards certification to those that achieve outstanding performance across four or more of the provided elements, or leaves - Ecosystems, Waste, Energy, Materials, Water and Community.

EnviroDevelopment accreditation allows purchasers to recognise and, thereby select more environmentally sustainable developments.

LandCorp has achieved five of the six leaves for Shoreline's EnviroDevelopment certification – Ecosystem, Waste, Energy, Water and Community - marking the development as an outstanding sustainable project.

Just some of the elements that helped achieve the accreditation include:


  • Comprehensive remediation across the site.
  • Planting of local native vegetation.
  • Landscaping focused on street tree environment and vegetated public open space.


  • Proactive waste minimisation and requirement for developers to recycle or reuse a minimum of 60% of all built-form construction waste.


  • Solar passive design and natural ventilation encouraged by design.
  • Encouragement to install solar energy and hot water heating.
  • Energy efficient fixtures, appliances and lighting.
  • All apartments submetered and required to be built to a 7-star NatHERS rating.


  • Waterwise fixtures and appliances such as toilets, taps, washing machines and dishwashers to reduce water use by at least 20 per cent.
  • All apartments submetered to allow residents to monitor individual consumption.
  • Waterwise native gardens and landscaping in public open spaces with hydrozoning to maintain efficient irrigation.


  • Design focus on walking, cycling and access to public transport to reduce reliance on private vehicles.
  • Diversity of housing and commercial options with medium and high density residential, retail, restaurants, schools and tourism.
  • High quality streetscape, public and open spaces and direct walking access to beach.
  • Universally accessible spaces and options for living.

For more information on EnviroDevelopment Certification visit the UDIA website at: http://www.udiawa.com.au/go/industry-envirodevelopment