Swanbourne Street Structure Plan FAQs

Where and what is the Swanbourne Street Local Structure Plan?
The Swanbourne Street Local Structure Plan relates to a vacant land parcel bounded by Swanbourne Street, Knutsford Street, Amherst Street, and Stevens Reserve. Monument Hill is situated approximately 200 metres to the north-west and the Fremantle city centre approximately 1 kilometre to the west.

The 8.37 hectare site is owned by DevelopmentWA and the Public Education Endowment Trust. The Public Education Endowment Trust portion was previously leased to BP Australia as a fuel bunkering terminal and the DevelopmentWA portion of the land was formerly a Navy fuel storage depot. Including the closed road, Edmund Street, the total development spans 8.92 hectares.

The Local Structure Plan has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of Section 6.2 of the City of Fremantle’s Local Planning Scheme No. 4 to guide and facilitate the future subdivision and development of ‘Development Area 4’ (DA4). It replaces an existing local structure plan adopted in 2003. 

The land is presently zoned ‘Urban’ under the Metropolitan Region Scheme and ‘Development’ under the City of Fremantle Local Planning Scheme. The Local Structure Plan provides a broad framework for redevelopment of the area, predominantly for residential use with potential for a small portion of mixed use. The planned development is consistent with the City of Fremantle Local Planning Scheme and with the State Government’s Directions 2031 policy.

DevelopmentWA will oversee the development of the land, potentially in partnership with the private sector and will work closely with the City of Fremantle throughout the planning and approval process.

What will the redevelopment look like?
The precinct will feature a diverse range of housing types including detached houses through to multi-storey apartment buildings that take advantage of the ocean and city views. The Local Structure Plan allows for a minimum of 308 dwellings, however can accommodate substantially more dwellings and mixed use. The Local Structure Plan provides sufficient flexibility to respond to market demands for diverse housing types.

Public open space will be located along Swanbourne Street providing a green link from Monument Hill to the north, through to Stevens Reserve to the south. Pedestrian and cycle connections linking the area’s surrounding green spaces and amenities will be a strong feature of the development.

What height levels are proposed for the apartment sites?
A range of maximum heights are proposed throughout the Local Structure Plan which includes from 2 to 5 storeys for apartment developments and up to 13 storeys for a potential landmark apartment site which has been identified.

What will the landmark apartment building look like, and why has it been included? Will it overshadow surrounding residences?
The Local Structure Plan provides a designated site for a possible landmark apartment building. This building is proposed to have a maximum height of 47 metres (approximately 13 storeys) and be located in a lower lying area of the site formerly occupied by one of the fuel tanks, adjacent to Stevens Reserve, approximately 100 metres east of Swanbourne Street. The proposed location was identified in order to reduce impact on surrounding residents and ensure the building will not adversely cast shadows over existing residences.

What planning approvals will be required for the site to be developed?
The Local Structure Plan was approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and the City of Fremantle in 2015. 

Prior to any development occurring onsite DevelopmentWA will prepare Local Development Plans to further guide development and will submit a subdivision application to the Western Australian Planning Commission. The City of Fremantle will be involved in the development approval processes including being the approving authority for the Local Development Plans and as a referral agency for the subdivision application.

How will traffic access the precinct during construction?
The precinct will be accessed primarily via Knutsford Street during the construction period. Surrounding residents will be informed prior to works commencing. At present there are no plans for any significant road closures except where development works may require temporary interruptions to traffic.

What impact will there be on parking and traffic?
A preliminary traffic study has been undertaken by Riley Consulting. The report can be downloaded from the City of Fremantle's website as part of the Swanbourne Street Local Structure Plan attachments (Appendix C). Please note the report was updated on 26 August 2014 after receiving further information about possible changes to High Street by Main Roads Western Australia. The version currently on the City of Fremantle website is correct.

The report indicates that based on the number of potential new dwellings and residents, the increase to local traffic movements is within the capacity of the existing road networks and would not significantly affect the residential amenity. 

Will existing roads around the precinct area be upgraded or modified?
Results of the preliminary traffic study confirm that the potential increase to local traffic movements does not warrant upgrading of the local road system. All roads surrounding the proposed redevelopment will continue to operate appropriate to their function without modification. 

Will the Main Roads Leach Highway (High Street) Perth Freight Link project affect this development?
Main Roads Western Australia has presented a concept plan to the community and City of Fremantle for the upgrade of the intersection of Stirling Highway, Leach Highway, and High Street. Construction of that upgrade has not yet commenced.

What will happen to the vegetation onsite?
A substantial portion of the land parcel had already been cleared for its previous industrial land uses. The Local Structure Plan incorporates 10% of dedicated public open space which includes the top of the hill along Swanbourne Street, providing the opportunity for a new park which incorporates the limestone outcrops that are a feature of this part of Fremantle. Existing vegetation which presents a bushfire risk to both existing residents and the new development will be minimised by clearing the degraded bush.

Is the land parcel contaminated?
Due to the site’s history as a former Fuel Depot Site, some portions are classified as contaminated and other portions are classified as remediated. Further remediation work will continue including health and environment risk assessments. Residential development will only occur on portions of the land appropriately classified by the Department of Environment and Regulation as suitable for residential use.

When will construction start?
Works will only start subject to all relevant approvals being in place. Prior to construction, traffic, noise and dust management plans will be developed and approved.

Who is DevelopmentWA and what do we do?
DevelopmentWA is the Government of Western Australia’s land and property delivery agency. By identifying and implementing a diverse range of urban infill projects we assist Local Government to meet their diversity and density targets, often done in conjunction with the private sector.

Where can I find out more?
Should you have any queries in relation to how the Local Structure Plan relates to the City of Fremantle’s Local Planning Scheme please contact the City of Fremantle on 9432 9999. 

If you have further questions regarding the development of the Swanbourne Street Precinct please contact Warren Phillips, Senior Development Manager DevelopmentWA on 9482 7578 or warren.phillips@developmentwa.com.au