Radical fun and smart “re-cycling” features of new Baynton West parks

20 Sep 2016

  • Karratha's pioneering new "bike pump track" a Western Australian first.
  • Specialist cycling, scooter and skateboard track to feature in new Baynton West park.
  • Transplanted mature trees to be given new "home" in award winning residential estate.

A new park in LandCorp's Baynton West Estate will create a WA first with the State's first asphalt covered pump track created for Karratha's free-wheeling thrill seekers.

LandCorp West Pilbara regional manager Travis McNaught said the track was the latest place making initiative being created by the agency in Karratha and would add even further to the liveability of the award winning Baynton West Estate.

Bicycle pump tracks are traditionally compacted dirt circuits comprised of small mounds and banked sides (rollers and berms). Baynton West's asphalt surfaced pump track will be suitable for bikes, skateboards, in-line skates and scooters and will suit a wide range of skill levels and experience.

"Baynton West is a family friendly estate and in recognition of the outdoor focused Pilbara lifestyle we have ensured there is a strong emphasis on shared recreation facilities in the design and delivery of this quality residential development," Mr McNaught said.

"The pump track is just one feature of the two new parks we are creating and combined, they will include a nature playground, two turf kick-about areas, public art and plenty of seating and shade.

Mr McNaught said the LandCorp team in Karratha were also working on some resourceful recycling to enhance the park "experience" and help transform two hectares at Balyarra Parkway and Rothschild Loop into family-friendly and multifunctional spaces.

"If we all think about what makes a good park then shady trees are a must have and we have been busy locating suitable mature trees that need a "new home" for transplanting into the Baynton West parks," Mr McNaught said.

"We have secured three large Poinciana trees and a Boab which will be relocated and take pride of place in the parks. We have also been able to reuse a magnificent Mahogany tree which was felled and due to be mulched but it will now be used as part of the nature playground."

Mr McNaught said this was in addition to extensive planting already undertaken with more than 500 Eucalyptus Victrix (Little Ghost Gums) planted along the estate's main drainage channel.

The City of Karratha and BGC Contracting have also assisted in donating a number of large rocks from the Dampier foreshore. The rocks were excavated during recent foreshore redevelopment works and will be used as features around the parks.

One of Australia's biggest resources projects in the Pilbara is also playing a part in the development of the Baynton West parks.

Mr McNaught said the Chevron-operated Wheatstone Project, which is under development near Onslow, would help provide an important material for the park landscaping – mulch.

The project is supplying shredded wooden pallets and other suitable materials which have been converted to 600 cubic metres of mulch which will help conserve water by retaining moisture and keeping the soil cool.

Baynton West estate is a LandCorp residential development which is realising the potential of Karratha as a great place to live, work and play.

LandCorp media contact: Andrew Kikiros 9482 7448 or Andrew.kikiros@landcorp.com.au

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