Karratha’s new roads a recycled blend of new and old

28 Oct 2016

  • Innovative solution to reduce costs and carbon footprint embraced by the City of Karratha
  • 1,500 tonnes of road concrete recycled in the construction of new Karratha roads
  • Karratha city centre road works part of revitalisation works
  • The revitalisation of Karratha's city centre is paving the way for innovative ways to reuse recycled concrete that would otherwise go to landfill.

LandCorp West Pilbara regional manager Travis McNaught said the road works, which are part of the city centre revitalisation project, have literally become the perfect blend of new and old.

"Karratha Earthmoving has come up with a great recycling solution that is much more sustainable from a financial and environmental perspective," he said.

"1,500 tonnes of concrete rubble salvaged during local demolition projects has been re-used to build the foundations of new roadways for Hedland Place."

Recycled concrete road base reduces the carbon footprint by up to 65% over quarried products. Concrete and demolition waste are also the main contributors to landfill each year.

"LandCorp delivers projects that enhance communities and contribute to economic growth all over the state, and we understand some projects need a little more creative thinking to get the job done.

"Recycling road rubble is a simple idea, but in the grand scheme of Karratha's revitalisation it has the potential to save thousands of dollars by reducing the amount of quarried material that would have been needed to be transported in from surrounding areas," Mr McNaught said.

Vaughan Corps, Group CEO of Karratha Earthmoving, said, "The City of Karratha is very progressive in their thinking and is one of the first cities in the Pilbara to use concrete recycled base on a major road.

"The material is not only being recycled and saved from landfill; it's also lighter, cheaper and requires less work to produce. In addition, there are lower cartage costs due to its lighter weight," said Mr Corps.

LandCorp in partnership with the City of Karratha has been working to enhance the amenity of the city centre by constructing new roads and establishing The Quarter retail, commercial and residential precinct in the heart of Karratha.

"We've already seen significant progress in the Karratha city centre revitalisation project including the completion and launch of stage one of The Quarter and the construction of extensions on Hedland Place and Karratha Terrace.

"Over the coming months works to build a new intersection at Searipple Road and the new Bayview Road will be completed plus new access from Crane Circle onto Bayview Road is also being constructed," Mr McNaught said.

The Karratha city centre revitalisation is being delivered in partnership by LandCorp and the City of Karratha which is part of the Pilbara Cities initiative funded through Royalties for Regions.

LandCorp media contact: Andrew Kikiros 9482 7448 or Andrew.kikiros@landcorp.com.au

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