Waranyjarri Local Centre

Major development opportunities available now

LOTS 1, 2 & 7 - Waranyjarri Local Centre, Broome North

The future Waranyjarri Local Centre is planned to become the estate’s central hub providing facilities to service and respond to the daily needs of the local community.

An attractive investment opportunity, Waranyjarri Local Centre lots are ideal in location and size for a childcare centre, medical/health facility, supermarket, café and specialty shops.

Destined to grow. Broome is expanding North. Be a part of it. 

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Waranyjarri Estate, Broome North

An international beachside destination with a relaxed cosmopolitan lifestyle, Broome is a coastal town 2,240km north of Perth in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Recognised for its high profile trades in tourism, pearling, agriculture, exports and mining, Broome is forecasted to consistently expand in the coming years.

The Broome North residential estate provides an exciting mix of affordable residential housing and business opportunities for up to 13,000 people. At completion, Broome North will nearly double Broome’s current population of 15,000 permanent residents.

Waranyjarri Estate is the first residential development in Broome North featuring a new state of the art primary school, service station, eight landscaped parks and a variety of active social and community groups.

To date, Waranyjarri Estate has delivered 450 residential lots and the Waranyjarri Local Centre will service all Broome North residents along with the broader community of Broome.

Part of the overall Broome North development and east of Waranyjarri Estate is Blue Haze Light Industrial, a fast growing new business centre that supports the increasing demand for industrial land. Further north the new 412 hectare Broome Road Industrial Park has been designed to service Broome and the West Kimberley regions larger resources and is ideally located for access to Great Northern Highway, only 8km from Broome Town Centre and 12km from Broome Port.

As the region continues to grow, there’s never been a better time to buy, build and invest in Broome.



Artists impression of the proposed  Waranyjarri Local Centre in Broome North.


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