Walpole Light Industrial

Located 432km south-south east of Perth, and 66km west of Denmark, Walpoles light industrial Stage 3 release offers fully service lots that range in size from 1,042 sqm to 3,475 sqm. 

Walpole has a well earned reputation as a tourist destination given its close proximity to the coast, the Frankland River, national parks and state forests. 

To continue the development of a vibrant regional community, purchasers are required to build within 36 months from settlement.

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Regional Development Assistance Program (RDAP)
The Regional Development Assistance Program, also known as RDAP, helps Local Governments to address the high costs associated with residential, industrial and commercial land developments in regional WA.

Through these partnerships, the Industrial Lands Authority through LandCorp, and on behalf of the State Government, is helping to deliver the land needed to support regional growth and to build great communities.

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