Reel Facts

Discussion around the Ocean Reef Marina project has generated plenty of comments, stories and a few misconceptions. 
We've pulled together a series of REEL FACTS, addressing a few of the comments we've heard and the reality. 

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What we've heard:

The marina has become a residential development.


Residential development has always been a key part of the proposed marina. The amount of land allocated for homes has not changed significantly from the previous plan. What HAS changed is the location of them.

By separating the different uses of the site into 'precincts', we can make sure each area has the necessary amenities, while avoiding potential conflicts, such as competing land uses, noise or traffic.

Including a residential component in the marina provides a critical mass of people in the area, which helps to activate the spaces all year round, creates a safer environment, and provides more potential customers to support local businesses.

What we've heard:

The marina will never happen.


Yes, the marina has been talked about for many years.  But we are doing everything we can to make it happen. 

A huge amount of work has already been completed by the City of Joondalup, including the design of the initial concept plans, extensive community engagement, and plan refinements in line with community feedback. 

The City also progressed the planning and environmental approvals process, which are expected to be finalised later this year. 

The State Government has committed $120million over the life of the project, beginning with $35million over the first four years.  This funding will take us through the marina approvals and construction of the marine infrastructure. 

A team of expert consultants are on board, including planners, civil and coastal engineers, landscape architects and sustainability and environmental consultants.  Working with this team, we have refined the Concept Plan to address previous concerns from the community and ensure the plan is viable and appropriate for the location. 

The planning and environmental approvals are progressing, the Landscape Masterplan (showing the public realm layout and amenities) is expected to be complete in the next couple of month, and the Detailed Design (including specific materials and finishes) will be completed next year. 

We're working hard to get everything ready to start construction by the end of next year. 

Stay tuned for more REEL FACTS...