Ocean Reef Marina

Make a splash at our Family Fun Day

Join us for a free community event on Sunday 16 August, 10am to 4pm.

There are plenty of treasures to discover at our family fun day.  Join us for eco-art, Indigenous crafts, a fishing simulator and more!

Sunday 16 August
10am to 4pm
Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club
Boat Harbour Quays, Ocean Reef

Find out more about what's set to become a truly iconic marina precinct.

Online Information Session

We held an online information session to provide detail on the Ocean Reef Marina project and Improvement Scheme. 

Following approval of the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) amendment and Gazettal of an Improvement Plan late last year, the WA Planning Commission (WAPC) have prepared an Improvement Scheme to facilitate delivery of the long-awaited Ocean Reef Marina. 

An Improvement Scheme is an alternative to traditional planning frameworks and is specifically designed for complex and strategic projects.  It allows planning to be tailored to the challenges and opportunities of a specific site, rather than being restricted by a generic, state-wide framework. 

If you missed the webinar, please visit our Have Your Say page to view the recording.

The WAPC public comment period on the Ocean Reef Marina Improvement Scheme closed on 26 June 2020. 

Let's rock the boat

We recently brought together a room of experts - from local and State Government, through to university professors and technology providers - to brainstorm 'smart technology' ideas for Ocean Reef Marina. 

Ideas were centred around 12 different 'personas', representing the types of people who will use the marina, including:

  • Boating and fishing enthusiasts
  • Residents of the marina and surrounding area - school students, families and older residents
  • Future workers in the marina - retail owners and office workers
  • Environmentally-conscious individuals
  • Local government representatives
  • Utility providers
  • Marina managers
  • Visitors to the marina - international tourists and residents of the broader metropolitan area

Check out the video below for a visual recording of the workshop discussion. 

Refined Concept Plan

Ocean Reef Marina is set to become a world-class waterfront precinct providing recreational, tourism, residential and boating facilities for local residents and visitors alike. 

We have refined the Concept Plan based on feedback from the community and to make sure we can deliver a truly world-class marina development. 

The changes to the plan will ensure the marina is:

  • Appropriate for the location;
  • Providing the amenities and features the community wants;
  • Environmentally responsible; and
  • Financially sustainable.

View the refined Concept Plan or read on for more information. 

What's included in the refined Concept Plan?

Key features of the refined Concept Plan include:
  • Waterfront cafes and restaurants
  • Club facilities linked to a beachside park
  • 12,000sqm of retail/commercial space
  • More open spaces for the community than the previous plan
  • Internal beach
  • Capacity for 550 boat pens and 200 boat stackers
  • 1,000+ homes - no change from the previous plan
  • Approximately 4,700 parking bays
  • Marine services located close to boat ramps and trailer parking
  • Residential areas separated from marine services
  • Improved walkability
  • Relocation of the ANZAC Memorial
Additional proposed features include:
  • Water play area
  • Protected swimming area
  • Pontoon
  • Snorkel trail

Ocean Reef Marina is being developed by DevelopmentWA on behalf of the State Government, in collaboration with the City of Joondalup. 

Construction is expected to begin in 2020 and create more than 900 jobs for the local community. 

Artist impressions are for indicative purposes only.