Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area

Strategic industrial land in Western Australia's Mid West.

The Oakajee Project has been selected by the Western Australian Government as the site for a future deep water port and Strategic Industrial Area (SIA) to service the Mid West region. Further information on the Mid West region can be obtained from the Mid West Development Commission.

The Oakajee Project comprises a 6,400ha area which has the potential to service and support many existing and future industries in the Mid West region, including export-orientated mineral resources such as magnetite iron ore through the future 1,000ha Oakajee Port, and heavy industrial activities in the 1,100ha industrial core.

Along with the industrial core, the Oakajee SIA also includes a buffer (4,000ha) and general industrial areas (196ha) which may be used for activities that do not compromise the proposed uses for the Oakajee Port or industrial core.

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) is the lead agency for the development of the Oakajee Project and is currently in discussions with a number of proponents intending to develop rail links from the magnetite resource deposits in the region and develop the initial stages of the Oakajee Port.

The Oakajee Port will be administered by the Mid West Ports Authority and DevelopmentWA will administer the rest of the Oakajee SIA.

The process for land allocation in the heavy industrial core or buffer areas is set out in the Proponent Land Allocation Flowchart.

Proponents intending to locate in the Oakajee SIA will be required to submit a Proponent Project Proposal to JTSI and DevelopmentWA.

Heavy or strategic industrial development may occur in the Oakajee SIA prior to the development of the port. Interested proponents should contact DevelopmentWA for more information.

Simon Thomson
Development Manager, DevelopmentWA
+61 8 9482 7571

More information on the Oakajee SIA is available below.

Oakajee Mud Map
1. Location
2. Land Tenure
3. Planning
4. Sustainability
5. Environment
6. Services
7. Native Title
8. Aboriginal Heritage
9. European Heritage

1. Location

The Oakajee SIA is located approximately 23km north of the major regional centre of the City of Greater Geraldton in Western Australia (Location Map).

Geraldton is located 420km north of Perth (approximately 4.5 hour drive).

There are also daily flights from Perth Airport to Geraldton Airport (approximately 50 minute flight time).

2. Land Tenure

DevelopmentWA owns the majority of the Oakajee SIA's 6,400ha in freehold ownership and currently leases this land on short term leases for agricultural purposes.

The 1,000ha port area will be transferred to the Geraldton Port Authority when the port is to be developed.

3. Planning

The Oakajee SIA is located within the boundaries of the Shire of Chapman Valley.

Under the Shire of Chapman Valley Town Planning Scheme No.2, Oakajee SIA is designated as a 'Special Control Area' for the purposes of Industrial Investigation (including port, heavy and general industrial areas) and buffer areas.

Pursuant to the requirements of the Town Planning Scheme, the Oakajee Industrial Estate Structure Plan Report was approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission on 24 April 2012.

The Oakajee SIA Structure Plan sets out the indicative boundaries for the various land use activities and is supported by the following Technical Reports:

Sustainability Report
Environmental Review Report
Industrial Ecology Strategy
Integrated Transport Strategy
Landscape Report
European Heritage Report - Lime Kilns
European Heritage Report - Rail Reserve
European Heritage Report - Stone Dwelling
Aboriginal Heritage Management Plan - Part 1
Aboriginal Heritage Management Plan - Part 2
Aboriginal Heritage Management Plan - Part 3
Unexploded Ordnance Contamination Assessment
Engineering Services Report
District Water Management Strategy

4. Sustainability

The Industrial Ecology Strategy provides a vision and strategy for the Oakajee SIA to become a sustainable industrial estate through the encouragement of co-location of industries with waste and other synergies.

This report provides the basis to establish a highly efficient and competitive industrial development which emphasises flexibility, innovation and adaptation to future challenges facing the Mid West region.

DevelopmentWA also has a focus on sustainability in the development of the buffer, including renewable energy opportunities.

A number of other sustainability initiatives are outlined in the Sustainability Report.

5. Environment

The majority of the Oakajee Project is located on cleared agricultural land, with the future port area located on coastal dunes.

The Environmental Review Report provides an overview of a number of different environmental factors associated with the Oakajee SIA.

6. Services

The Oakajee SIA is a greenfield site and is unlikely to have sufficient services to meet the needs of proponents intending to locate in the estate.

Proponents requiring significant services will most likely be required to provide those services on-site or extend service infrastructure to the estate.

DevelopmentWA and the State would encourage the establishment of independent service providers to or within the estate.

A complete overview of key services required for the Oakajee SIA is provided within the Engineering Services Report.

7. Native Title

The majority of land within the Oakajee SIA has been cleared of Native Title.

There are three Aboriginal groups whose members have a known or claimed traditional association with the Oakajee area.

These groups are Amangu, Mullewa Wadjari and Naaguja, and are all represented by the Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation.

8. Aboriginal Heritage

There are a number of Aboriginal heritage sites within the Oakajee Project that have been registered by the Department of Planning, Lands an, Heritage - Aboriginal Heritage.

An Aboriginal Heritage Management Plan was prepared for the Oakajee SIA to ensure management of existing registered Aboriginal sites and to provide for lawful and timely assessment and management of any future sites discovered in the course of the development of the estate.

All future proponents will be required to comply with the Aboriginal Heritage Management Plan.

Aboriginal Heritage Management Plan Part 1/3
Aboriginal Heritage Management Plan Part 2/3
Aboriginal Heritage Management Plan Part 3/3

9. European Heritage

There are five European heritage sites within the Oakajee SIA listed on the Heritage Council of Western Australia database.

Further information on European heritage within the Oakajee SIA can be found in the European Heritage Report prepared for the Oakajee SIA Structure Plan:

Documentation of Places for Entry in the Register of Heritage Places - Lime Kilns
Documentation of Places for Entry in the Register of Heritage Places - Stone Dwelling_Chinaman House
Heritage Impact Statement - Geraldton-Northampton Rail Reserve