Development Update

The estate features a range of facilities and infrastructure, including:

  • Large lot size with the capacity to amalgamate adjoining lots
  • A variable lot size to allow a range of commercial and industrial uses
  • Dual-road frontage lots for easy access and efficient land use – ideal for triple road trains and the movement of heavy equipment
  • Roads with wide corners, wides pavements and mountable kerbs for large road train manoeuvrability
  • Street lighting providing improved security for business operators
  • Serviced lots with underground power, water and the possibility of access to broadband telecommunications
  • Design Guidelines to ensure a high standard of development
  • Natural bushland retained for screening and landscaping
  • Landscaping and reticulation planning adapted for the Goldfields provided by buyers

Recognising that this is an industrial estate, we encourage proposals from prospective purchasers that will maximise the estate's potential. In addition to meeting the requirments of the design guidelines and local planning instruments, conceptual plans should:

  • Present a high level of amenity to the street through varied use of materials and colour, glazing and variation in building form
  • Include a clearly defined and visible pedestrian entrance on the primary or secondary frontage
  • Provide high quality landscaping in areas of high visibility and to soften large or unsightly structures
  • Design and locate the primary buildings so that service entrances, out buildings, storage areas, refuse disposal and other similar features are not visible from the street
  • Generally deliver high quality built-form outcomes that will attract customers and businesses to the estate.

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