Port Hedland
Port Hedland


Interest was sought to develop part of the Port Hedland old hospital site at Lot 452 which fronts Sutherland Street near the proposed Spoilbank Marina.

The lot is 3.16ha (subject to final design) and the site is suitable for mixed use - short stay accommodation, retail and commercial.

The preferred proponent, Finbar, has commenced the formal planning process.

For further information please contact Senior Project Manager, Todd Wood on (08) 9482 7893 or via email.


Pilbara’s Port City, which is defined by the coastal town of Port Hedland and neighbouring South Hedland, is at the epicentre for exports of iron ore and other resources from the Pilbara region.

The port handled close to 200 million tonnes of commodities in the past year, making it the world’s largest bulk export port, with plans to expand its capabilities to more than 400 million tonnes a year.

In recognising its contribution to the nation’s economic wealth, the State Government is working with a wide range of organisations to transform Port and South Hedland into a City of the North.

The State Government’s $1billion Pilbara Cities initiative will help create a cosmopolitan city which supports a permanent population of 50,000 people.

These plans will ensure the Port City’s infrastructure and economy are developed in parallel to the planned growth of the port.

LandCorp is partnering with the Pilbara Cities office, Town of Port Hedland and the private sector to unlock new areas of land and redevelop other land in Port Hedland.

To view the project plan of Port Hedland and South Hedland click here.