Community Information

All our developments are built to suit the specific needs of the region's natural environment.

In Denham our goal is to ensure the development is sensitive to the area's World Heritage Listing and also meets the needs of the community.

From the outset of the project we worked closely with the Shire of Shark Bay; Yamatji Land and Sea Council representing the Malgana people; Gascoyne Development Commission; Department of Environment and Conservation and local community.

Development Update

The development will complement the existing town, respect the World Heritage listing of the Shark Bay region and demonstrate sustainable design features.

The Outline Development Plan for Phase 1 of the estate has been approved by the Shire of Shark Bay and could provide for up to 126 lots covering 16ha of land. The first stage of Phase 1 is now complete and there are over 25 lots currently available for purchase. Future stages will be developed subject to demand.

To provide lifestyle options, a range of lot sizes varying from 590sqm to 869sqm are available. The layout of lots take advantage of the natural geography and are oriented to maximise solar access and capture water and inland views, while ensuring the view from Little Lagoon and the scenic tourist route are protected by natural land features.

Future growth

The master plan caters for Denham’s growth over the next 20 years. The plan consists of three development phases, which when complete, will create approximately 1,300 lots over 130ha. 

The overall structure plan is available here.

Purchaser Information

To assist in developing a comfortable and sustainable home and protect the appearance and character of Denham, design guidelines apply to all homes in the development.

In order to increase housing stocks within the estate and help grow the community, we require that properties be developed within 36 months of purchase.

As an added incentive, we are offering a $5,000 rebate if the buyer achieves practical completion of the home within 18 months.

Sustainability in Action

To help protect the natural beauty of Denham we have incorporated sustainable design practices to enhance the natural features of the area, while respecting the region’s World Heritage Listing.

  • Retention of natural landform and vegetation
  • Lot positioning to gain maximum access to sunlight
  • Use of natural contours for street layout
  • Optimised pedestrian and cycle access to town and facilities
  • Provision of 1.5ha of landscaped public open space in Stage 2

    To reduce water wastage and increase the energy efficiency of homes, the following elements have been incorporated into design guidelines.

  • Solar and thermal responsive designs
  • Dwelling orientation to take advantage of cooling breezes
  • Waterwise landscape design initiatives
  • Dual water supply system and metering for use of saline and desalinated water

To promote the use of these initiatives, we are offering a $3,000 rebate on solar hot water systems and rainwater tanks.