Champion Lakes

Community Information

At Champion Lakes, you'll find a 55 hectare lake creating an inviting environment for activity and leisure. The lake is a popular spot for kayaking and boating. BBQ facilities along the waterfront are perfect for picnics with family and friends.

If you enjoy an active lifestyle, there is a 5km pathway around the lake perfect for walking, cycling or running among parkland or open space. Surrounded by a wildlife conservation area and waterwise parks, the estate offers an environmentally friendly approach to living.

Should you need to head into the City or Fremantle, easy freeway access and the Kelmscott train station are just a few minutes away. The estate is also close to Tonkin Highway, a direct link to Perth Airport, making it an ideal place for frequent travellers who want to return home quickly and enjoy a sense of community.

Public and private schools, shopping centres, child-care and transport are all established nearby.

Purchaser Information

Design Guidelines and Detailed Area Plans developed for the estate are aimed to help ensure environmental performance for new homes with the promotion of energy and water consumption. They also ensure homes contribute to the estate's vision and the creation of a unique urban waterside village.

A copy of the Champion Lakes Design Guidelines Summary can be downloaded here. 
To view the full Champion Lakes Design Guidelines visit here.

The Detailed Area Plans (DAPs) prepared for each stage identify building envelops for all lots within the Champion Lakes estate.

DAP Stage 1 - Cottage and Terrace Lots
DAP Stage 1 - Standard Lots
DAP Stage 2 - Cottage and Terrace Lots
DAP Stage 2 - Standard Lots
DAP Stage 3 - Standard Lots
DAP Stage 4 - Cottage and Terrace Lots
DAP Stage 4 - Standard Lots
DAP Stage 5 - Cottage and Terrace Lots
DAP Stage 5 - Standard Lots

Copies of the Design Guidelines and DAP's can also be obtained from the Estate Manager.

Sustainability in Action

The Champion Lakes estate represents best practice in environmentally sensitive design and sustainability.

Each dwelling is designed to respond to local climate conditions and demonstrate sustainable living conditions. Environmental performance of dwellings is of great importance and measures to ensure that energy and water consumption is minimised are promoted. Lot layouts and building envelopes have been allocated to encourage maximum access to sunlight and allow for cross-ventilation through prevailing breezes.

As you drive around the estate you will notice that verges and front gardens do not contain turf. Instead, they feature a range of local native plant species, intentionally chosen as they are better adapted to WA conditions yet still add colour and diversity creating a striking feature on this often neglected piece of landscaping.

Champion Lakes is a waterwise estate. The local native plant species need less watering and are sustainable by being drought resistant, achieving good environmental policy to reduce water usage. They look healthy all year round even in the extremes of WA’s summer and winter. Additionally, they require less maintenance to look after, leaving you to spend your time doing the things you love.

The large man-made lake was built in 2005 and is Western Australia’s only purpose built rowing facility. In order to protect the lake, it is important that contaminants are not introduced into the residential estate.

The reed beds that surround the lakeshore act as a net catching contaminants before they enter the lake. All stormwater run-off flows into the reed beds where possible contaminants are stripped away. Plant species not native to WA must not be allowed to enter the water system as they can contaminate the lake. This is another reason why only local native plant species are recommended in gardens.

Many gardens at Champion Lakes incorporate mulch, arguably the most important component of a waterwise garden. Mulch helps retain moisture in the soil by protecting it from evaporation, stopping the soil from drying out. It can reduce water loss from your soil by over 70%.

The Champion Lakes Design Guidelines contain more information about waterwise planting and contain a list of suggested plants for your new home.

If you build your home within 18 months of settlement, you will be eligible to incentives on your front landscaping. Contact the Estate Manager on (08) 9390 0255 for details.

Frequently asked Questions

How can I purchase land?
If you are interested in purchasing land at Champion Lakes, please contact the Estate Manager on (08) 9390 0255.

Do I have to build on the land?
Yes. Lots must be built on within 24 months from the date of settlement.

Will there be any residential building design guidelines for homes within Champion Lakes?
Yes. The Champion Lakes Design Guidelines and Detailed Area Plans will help ensure the development is of a high standard. Copies of the guidelines are included in your contract of sale.

Who is the responsible Planning Authority?
The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) is responsible for planning and development control in the Champion Lakes Precinct. The MRA can be contacted on (08) 6557 0700.

Discussion with the planning staff at the MRA on design requirements and the application process prior to the lodgement of plans may help expedite the planning process.

Do I need to apply for a Development Approval for my new home?
If your block is over 350sqm in area, a Development Approval is not required for new homes that are fully compliant with the Champion Lakes Design Guidelines, Detailed Area Plans and other relevant provisions.

To start the process, your builder should submit your house plans to the MRA, requesting advice on whether the plans are compliant with the Design Guidelines, Detailed Area Plans and other provisions.

If your plans are compliant, the MRA will issue written confirmation to your builder, allowing you to lodge for a building licence with the City of Armadale. If your plans are non-compliant, the MRA will request your builder to either modify the plans or submit a development application.

The costs of requesting planning advice from the MRA and (if required) lodging for an initial development approval are covered by LandCorp.

For any blocks under 350sqm in area, Development Approval is required from the MRA. Further details on this process can be obtained from the MRA on 6557 0700.

Can I on-sell the block without improvements on it?
No. The block cannot be on-sold until practical completion of a house. A caveat will be lodged against the title to the block until the building requirements are met.

What happens if I do not build a house within 24 months of settlement or if my house does not comply with the proposed residential building guidelines?
LandCorp may exercise its right to buy the block from you for the original purchase price or the current market value as determined by a Valuer less any transaction costs and stamp duty. If any structures have been erected on the block, you may be required to remove them.

What are the incentives for me to build my home within 24 months of purchasing my lot?
If you complete a building within 24 months of purchasing your lot, you will be provided with a front landscaping package up to the value of $3,000, in accordance within the Design Guidelines for your front garden. The package will incorporate water-wise plants and ground covers. No turf is permitted in the front garden or verge.

If you complete a building within 24 months of purchasing your lot and satisfy the other conditions on your voucher then LandCorp will supply and install a fencing package up to the value of $3,000 to the front, rear and side boundaries, (excluding all 1.8m high masonry or other fencing and associated retaining walls that abut a secondary street on corner lots and excluding all return fencing between the side boundary and the dwelling and excluding all gates).

Side and rear fencing not visible from the street will be provided to a maximum of 1,800mm height and generally constructed in Grey Ridge Colourbond. If there are any level differences between lots along a proposed fence line then it is up to the neighbours to install a retaining wall prior to the fencing being installed.

For front fencing there’s a choice of 3 designs as per Champion Lakes Design Guidelines.

On corner lots, the buyer shall be responsible to construct all fencing on the rear 65% of the secondary street side boundary whether it be 1.8m high rendered masonry fencing or permeable fencing. The buyer is responsible to paint all rendered masonry fencing.

Note: If you do not build within 24 months, you will still need to comply with all landscaping and fencing regulations.

Why is no turf permitted in the front garden and verge?
Champion Lakes promotes sustainability. All stormwater is treated and flows into the rowing course. Adopting waterwise planting will reduce the risk of nutrients (such as lawn fertilizer) and weeds escaping into the groundwater and polluting the rowing course.

Are there high speed broadband services available?
All internet and communications from Stage 4 onwards at Champion Lakes is provided via the National Broadband Network (NBN). The purchaser should consult with their selected builder prior to construction on pre-wiring requirements to access the NBN. The purchaser’s preferred communications supplier/s should be contacted to determine available services.

Who manages the Champion Lakes international rowing course?
Champion Lakes is currently managed by Venues West.

Can I swim in the lake?
Swimming is permitted in the lake at designated areas. Public beaches are located on Henley Drive and adjacent to the residential area. Swimming in other areas of the lake is permissible only when specifically authorised for sporting purposes.

Can I use the lake for canoeing and boating?
You are welcome to use the lake with your own paddle craft unless an event has been booked. Champion Lakes Boating Club will be operating facilities on the Sports Island. All are welcome to try activities and become members of the club. Rowing, kayaking, and dragon boating will be catered for.

If there is a rowing regatta or big event on the lake will I be affected?
When events are booked for the Champion Lakes Regatta Centre, certain areas will be inaccessible; for example during a water based event all or part of the lake will be used for competitors only. The public beaches will remain open. If the site is booked for a triathlon, the event path (3.5 metres wide) which encircles the lake will be closed to recreational pursuits. The pedestrian path (2.5 metres wide) will remain open.

Are jetski’s and motor boats permitted?
No. Power craft are only permitted for course maintenance and water safety for authorised events.

Useful Links

LandCorp are responsible for the development and maintenance of new land releases. For any issues, please contact Chris Brady, Development Manager on (08) 9482 7499.

For new land sales enquiries please contact the Estate Manager on (08) 9390 0255.

For information about domestic fencing and landscape packages, please contact Josie Pagano on (08) 9430 0400.

Please contact the following organisations for other queries:

Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (08) 6557 0850

  • Design Guidelines and Detailed Area Plan queries
  • Planning approvals for new dwellings
  • Planning compliance
  • Planning for the wider Champion Lakes precinct (White Water Park, commercial development etc)

City of Armadale (08) 9399 0111

  • Building licences for new dwellings
  • Maintenance of estate public open spaces, bbqs etc including estate entry statement and roundabouts on Regatta Drive
  • Domestic rubbish collection

Venues West - Champion Lakes Regatta Centre (08) 9390 7051

  • Maintenance of lakeside public open spaces, including walking and cycle trails
  • Management (use/hire) of the Champion Lakes Regatta Centre and rowing facility

To download a copy of the Champion Lakes roles and responsibilities, click here.

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