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Central to the vision for WGV at White Gum Valley is the reduction of non-renewable energy use and carbon emissions.


Through energy efficient design, use of renewable energy and innovative technologies, we aim to reduce grid energy consumption by 60 per cent* for WGV as a whole, and 100 per cent (zero net annual energy) in dwellings which take advantage of the WGV Sustainability Rebate Package.


Major energy reduction measures include the use of solar power, embedding energy efficiency requirements in the Design Guidelines, and a precinct layout which ensures most homes are north facing to benefit from a solar passive orientation. Innovations such as domestic battery storage technology will be demonstrated and will contribute to savings.


The estate will also become a ‘living laboratory’ as part of a four year research project by the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living and Curtin University to monitor energy use and technology performance as well as identifying opportunities for improving efficiencies. 



Innovation WGV Initiative Energy

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Complimentary energy-saving initiatives will be implemented throughout WGV to ensure the energy reduction target is met.


Energy efficiency measures include: 

  • Climate responsive design and landscaping to harness the sun’s energy to provide natural heating and cooling solutions, including intelligent use of trees for seasonal shading
  • Design Guidelines to set a minimum seven star energy efficiency rating and ensure all buildings are equipped with:
    • Solar panels with assistance to install a larger solar power system for single lot dwellings (through the WGV Sustainability Package Rebate)
    • Solar hot water systems or heat pump technology
    • Energy efficient electrical appliances
    • Energy efficient lighting solutions
    • Low energy space heating and cooling systems
    • Education material and support provided to residents
    • Battery storage and solar panels for the apartment developments


Innovative programs on site include:

  • Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living research program to monitor energy use and technology performance
  • A unique solar power and battery storage technology research trial in a shared strata setting at the Gen Y Demonstration Housing Project
  • This project will develop governance models to allow shared solar photovoltaics (PV), battery and monitoring systems to be used in medium density apartments. The governance models will be tested at 50 units of the White Gum Valley development in Perth.


* Figures based on average Perth consumption for single residential dwellings, when adopting WGV’s Design Guidelines and Sustainability Rebate Package.


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