Waterwise Living

WaterwiseEast Village at Knutsford is set to become part of a network of sustainable communities across the world, demonstrating how to plan and deliver Waterwise urban developments.

This highly innovative infill demonstration project will see residents seeking a sustainable lifestyle also benefit from lower living overheads, with strata-wide Waterwise initiatives reducing individual and community water usage.

Water is a precious and finite resource. Responsible use is a high priority for communities embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

East Village is being developed alongside two future apartment buildings delivering a further 60 dwellings and designed with fit-for-purpose infrastructure enabling the re-use of non-potable water development.

Potable or mains water use is expected to be less than 80 per cent compared to the Perth average.

A range of water initiatives have been designed to bring Waterwise living to life at East Village. These include the onsite management of storm water run-off in landscaped streets and lanes, which will see stormwater retained and recycled back into the precinct, sustaining community plantings and trees.

Learning from our multi-award winning WGV Innovation Through Demonstration project at White Gum Valley, the East Village design includes non-potable water systems with seven kilolitre rain water tanks plumbed to each household's hot water system, toilets and washing machines. These non-potable systems will see precious rain-water harvested and re-used, reducing the need to draw water from the traditional mains supply.

The East Village Waterwise design will also feature a strata-owned bore to provide irrigation for the precinct's gardens and community green spaces, including a portion of the proposed Knutsford Street Linear Park.

As a demonstration project, East Village will be a living laboratory, delivering valuable lessons from real-life Waterwise initiatives to support a more Waterwise and sustainable urban living.

East Village provides a significant opportunity to investigate the potential for precinct-scale Waterwise initiatives, working in close collaboration with a range of partners with shared sustainable development objectives:

CRC for Water Sensitive Cities

East Village will also be part of the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Water Sensitive Cities' 'Water Sensitive Outcomes for Infill Developments' research, with the research outcomes providing real-life insights to inform the design of future urban infill developments, towards a Waterwise future.

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