One Planet Living

One Planet LivingIt is based on the idea that to live sustainably we need to live within the limits of one planet's natural resources. If everyone continued to live like the average Australian, we would need more than four planets to support the current world population. 

LandCorp developed the first Western Australian project to achieve national recognition for One Planet Living - WGV at White Gum Valley.

East Village at Knutsford is now set to become part of a network of sustainable communities across the world, demonstrating how to plan and deliver smart design.

One Planet Living is a global movement to meet the challenges of resource competition and climate change.

One Planet Living's 10 sustainability principles will be translated into a real-world, highly innovative, urban development.

There are 10 One Planet Principles that East Village is responding to:

  1. Health and Happiness: rigorous attention to excluding toxic materials from the site, design to reduce heat stress, active connection of people to the wider community.
  2. Equity & Local Economy: a thriving, diverse and resilient local economy that supports fair employment, work from home, inclusive communities and international fair trade.
  3. Culture & Community: embodying the heritage of both Indigenous and European cultures in the design, a research facility on site to provide education and outreach on sustainability.
  4. Land & Nature: A green, heat resilient landsacpe of native plants and productive species available to residents to harvest. Stormwater managed through the landscape design.
  5. Sustainable Water: High levels of rainwater use and sustainably sourced irrigation water lead to a 80 per cent reduction in mains water consumption, with water systems powered by renewable energy.
  6. Local & Sustainable Food: Residents will have access to sustainable food production in both the public and private realms, including managing organic waste through the gardens.
  7. Travel & Transport: a strata-owned, public fast charger adjacent to the car-share bay and all homes prewired for overnight EV and eBike charging. Strong links to the local cycling network.
  8. Materials & Products: Sustainable forestry sourced timber will be mandated at every scale, and the Living Future Institute's 'Red List' will be used to review all materials choices.
  9. Zero Waste: Targeting 100 per cent recycling of construction materials, followed up in the completed project with an online service to facilitate sharing of tools and gifting of unwanted items between residents.
  10. Zero Carbon: 100 per cent renewable energy for the 36 town homes, sourced from individual solar PV systems connected to a shared battery with backup grid energy from a renewable energy provider.

East Village at Knutsford has been designed to be a place where people lead genuinely sustainable lifestyles - within the limits of our one planet's natural resources.

Next Steps

The project is seeking endorsement as a One Planet Community by the assessors of the One Planet Living framework.

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