Legacy Living Laboratory

Legacy Living LaboratoryWe are committed to championing change in Western Australia's housing industry by demonstrating new technologies and sustainable living initiatives.

East Village at Knutsford demonstrates precinct-scale design excellence on a number of levels by incorporating diverse building typologies, climate-sensitive considerations, innovative energy systems, creative urban greening and water management strategies. Outreach and sharing the learning from this project are an important part of supporting the industry to evolve.

Research into precinct-scale sustainability initiatives will help to inform best practice design for future housing developments.

Curtin University and DevelopmentWA's Legacy Living Laboratory is a research hub that will display data from our projects and other leading sources to inform the development industry and champion sustainability. 

Energy and water systems at East Village will test new models of shared ownership and will help achieve dramatic reductions in consumption and a transition to more sustainable services.


The Living Laboratory concept is a learn-by-doing approach to research where innovations are tested in real-life settings with the aim of informing policy and industry outcomes.

The Legacy Living Laboratory, L3, will serve as a functioning display space that will also feature a cafe kitchen, meeting spaces and a visualised data portal which will display leading research on large-scale sustainability initiatives.

The L3 building will be used for events, as a study space for Curtin PhD students and as meeting rooms for East Village over the early years of the project.

Data from leading sustainable developments such as WGV at White Gum Valley will be displayed. The Laboratory has also been selected as the location of the national iHUB project, a network of national research collaboration for smarter urban planning, design and management.

Next Steps

Residents will have access to information to help them manage their homes, while researchers, with agreements in place with residents, will use the data to better understand how the various innovations actually perform.

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