EnergyEast Village at Knutsford will run on 100 per cent renewable energy.

A shared battery will be used by the residents to dramatically reduce grid energy consumption across the estate, with any imports coming from a renewable supply.

Trials of innovative energy sharing technology will involve onsite energy generation and the precinct-scale bettery being shared between neighbours on a private embedded network.

Electric vehicales reduce emissions and are strongly supported with a public fast charger and charging infrastructure allowed for in all homes.

Targeting at least an 80% reduction in grid electricity imports compared to a standard townhome build.

East Village at Knutsford will incorporate energy efficient design, renewable energy and innovative technologies as part of becoming Fremantle's most sustainable new low carbon development.

Energy Efficient Homes

The 36 architecturally designed and landscaped turnkey town homes in East Village will use passive solar design, with lots oriented and strategically designed to receive optimal solar exposure throughout the year. This will reduce energy consumption usually used for heating, cooling and lighting purposes.

The homes will be designed to achieve a 7.5-star energy efficiency, fae exceeding minimum requirements and will feature energy efficient technologies such as heat pump hot water systems. Depending on how the homes are run by residents, energy bills should be down at least 50% compared to a standard build home of this type. The homes will also feature reduced embodied emissions through use of recycled masonry materials where appropriate and frame construction.

Energy efficiency at East Village is elevated, using an integrated approach to incorporate the latest technologies and design principles to achieve the highest level of sustainability.

Energy Efficient Transport

The development has been designed to make use of its close proximity to the Fremantle city centre, with new and established pedestrian, cycle and public trasnport links encouraging residents to adopt sustainable, energy-efficient methods of transport.

Each home will be pre-configured to support electric vehicle charging at home, with residents simply needing to add a charging unit suited to their particular EV.

Renewable Energy Sources

The 36 architecturally designed and landsacped turnkey town homes will be powered with 100 per cent renewable energy, using individual 6.6-kilowatt PV solar systems, the embedded network and a shared battery to store surplus energy. Supplemental renewable grid energy will be sourced, when needed, from a grid supply clean energy retailer.

Storing and Sharing Energy Onsite

As a survey strata development, East Village will implmenet an embedded network that will service the residents' energy needs by sharing excess electricity produced on the solar rooftops between neighbours. The 670-kilowatt-hour battery system - a precinct scale syatem and one of the largest of its kind in the state - will enable energy to be stored for use when required.

Next Steps

The batter is on site and will be connected to a PV system on the Legacy Living Lab research facility. The supplied renewable energy will run the Living Lab as well as providing an electricity supply for the wider construction works, significantly reducing the energy and emissions footprint of the development.

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