CommunityPublic amenity and open spaces throughout the village will help build community pride and reflect Fremantle's unique cultural lifestyle.

Green pedestrian walkways run through the centre of the village, allowing residents easy access from private streets and laneways to the surrounding area.

East Village at Knutsford was named to reflect the unique village feel of Fremantle and has been masterplanned to foster connections within the residential community.

Collaborative sustainability initiatives will bring the community together as they reduce energy consumption across East Village. 

Multiple public open spaces throughout the village are planned so residents can meet with friends and family at community events and informal gatherings.

The landscaping will create an attractive environment for the community to enjoy, with carefully considered local flora, green spaces within the connecting lanes and opportunities for residents to work together in productive gardens.

East Village will feature a wide variety of plants including orchard street trees and native species that reflect the vibrant biodiversity of the adjacent Booyeembara Park and the wider Fremantle area.

An environmentally-sensitive approach has also been adopted in resident-centric design so that life at East Village forges stronger relationships between residents and their natural surroundings, while optimising the use of underutilised suburban land.

East Village offers a unique opportunity to live in a connected community within a historic suburb with established links to amenity, entertainment and the environment.

Located within the historic suburb of Fremantle, East Village has been designed to reflect the city's culture while acting as an innovative exemplar for the future of vibrant and sustainable infill housing development. The port city's rich history, changing demographics, architectural heritage and cultural diversity all contribute to its unique identity.

East Village promotes meaningful connections between residents, the neighbouring residential areas and wider Fremantle. The village prioritises accessibility and is located within walking and cycling distance of local parks, art galleries, caf├ęs, golf courses and the nearby Fremantle city centre.

Each road within the precinct features at least one footpath with several established cycle routes already nearby. These pedestrian and cyclist connections link East Village to local amenity, surrounding reserves and the neighbouring community.

Public art and design guidelines will provide connectivity between homes, green zones and internal laneways to enable greater personal connections within the East Village residential community.

One city block from High Street, East Village residents can also easily access surrounding transport links. With the Fremantle town centre to the west and easy acess to major roads including Leach Highway, Stirling Highway and Carrington Street, the estate's convenient location provides strong connectivity between residents and the wider Perth community.

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