CommunityPublic amenity and open spaces engage with the surrounding community and reflect Fremantle's unique cultural lifestyle.

Green pedestrian walkways run through the centre of the village opening private streets and laneways to the surrounding area.

A development that expresses its sustainability ambition to residents and visitors.

East Village at Knutsford was named to reflect the unique village feel of Fremantle and has been masterplanned to foster connections within the surrounding residential community. 

Collaborative Approach

LandCorp is working with the City of Fremantle, local community groups, and local people to ensure that a strong connection to surrounding area is established even before the first people move in. As an infill development, infrastructure providers have been involved to make sure that the project improves services for what is a growth part of Fremantle.

Cultural Recognition

Although the East Village site does not feature any registered indigenous sites, the relationship of the Whadjuk Noongar people to this land is acknowledged and respected by the project team. Opportunities to celebrate indigenous connection to the site will no doubt emerge and have already been a feature of events at the site.

Recent Heritage

The site is located in what has been one of Fremantle's light industrial zones. As such the architecture will pick up references to this heritage, with a swatooth roof design and modern takes on industrial materials. East Village is part of an evolution of the area into a vibrant new residential precinct that is already happening with new cafes, retail, and creative adaptions of the old industrial buildings to new uses.


East Village promotes meaningful connections between its residents, the neighbouring residential areas and wider Fremantle. The development priorities accessibility and is located within walking and cycling distance of local parks, art galleries, cafes, golf courses and the nearby Fremantle city centre.

East Village offers a unique opportunity to live in a connected community within a historic suburb with established links to amenity, entertainment and the environment.

Diverse Housing

LandCorp is creating a coherent set of town homes that are designed to make the most of the site and location. Within this overall design there is variety, including seven different townhome variations amongst the thirty-six dwellings, twelve lots that can support an ancillary dwelling (of 'Fonzie Flat') and twelve with a flexible space on the ground floor providing additional living space or to support a home business. There are also two medium density sites that will feature small apartment buildings.

Next Steps

East Village at Knutsford is part of an ambitious re-imagining of this part of Fremantle. Part of East Village's success will rest on strong connections to local groups and existing community, which LandCorp will continue to support.


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