BiodiversityGreen village streetscapes will integrate seamlessly with the surrounding natural landscape and reflect the natural biodiversity of the area.

Pedestrian access walkways will act as a green corridor flowing through the centre of the village and allow easy access between the private streets and laneways.

Landscaping at East Village has been designed to create an attractive environment and celebrate local flora, cultivate green spaces for seasonal shading and encourage opportunities for the neighbourhood to connect.

Public amenity is peppered throughout the village to foster community connections.

East Village will feature a large variety of plants, including street trees with edible produce and native species to reflect the vibrant biodiversity of the adjacent Booyeembara Park.

The architecturally designed landscaping will feature native garden beds and plants that climb the trellis structures spanning laneways.

The water-efficient landscaping will include planted roadside swales and rain gardens able to collect and treat stormwater.

A variety of tree types will be planted in the village to make the most of passive climate-responsive design. Evergreens will line the verges to increase canopy coverage while cooling streets and houses. Deciduous varieties will be planted in laneways and pedestrian accessways, allowing warmth and light into the heart of the village during winter.

The inviting public open spaces and amenity within the architecturally designed landscape of East Village will set the scene for residents to connect.

Walkways and informal gathering spaces are lit by feature lighting dotted with shelters and designed seating to create activated pockets for residents to congregate.

The amenity incorporated within the landscape of East Village has been selected to encourage a unique village atmosphere, with shaded structures, picnic tables, barbeques, bike parking and drink fountains, creating an inviting outdoor environment for the neighbourhood to enjoy.

The village will include a community garden shared by the residents, complete with productive raised garden beds, a tool shed and potting benches, giving the East Village community the opportunity to get together and cultivate sustainable fresh produce.

Designed as part of the City of Fremantle's green strategy, the careful selection of plants and materials reinforces the sustainable and relaxed culture of the port-side city.

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