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Community enagagement on the vision for Cockburn Coast commenced as far back as 2005. A steering committee comprising of representatives from government, industry, environment and the community was appointed to oversee the community  consultation process which, led to the establishment of the Cockburn Coast District Structure Plan.

In March 2008, the Department of Planning released the District Structure Plan for public comment which sets the overall vision for the project. Following extensive public consultation the Western Australian Planning Commission endorsed the District Structure Plan in August 2009 and elected to initiate the Metropolitan Region Scheme to amend the majority of the project area from 'Industrial' to 'Urban Deferred'.

In November 2010 the Minister for Planning endorsed the Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment to rezone the majority of the project area to 'Urban'.

Since May 2009, DevelopmentWA with key stakeholders has led detailed planning for the project. As part of this process a multi-government Transport Planning Group has been established to consider transport options for the project which includes Bus Rapid Transit and Light Rail opportunities.

In 2010 DevelopmentWA, in consultation with landowners and key stakeholders, developed the project Masterplan that will underpin Local Structure Planning for the project. The Masterplan is supported by the Integrated Transport Plan, Infrastructure Masterplan and District Water Management Strategy. Following landowner and stakeholder review, and a public consultation period, the Masterplan was adopted by the City of Cockburn in February 2012.

The Cockburn Coast project is now divided into three distinct Precincts. Local structure plannning for the Robb Jetty and Hilltop/Emplacement Crescent Precincts has been completed following landowner and stakeholder engagement. The two Local Structure Plans have been advertised for public comment by the City of Cockburn.

In July 2014 the Power Station masterplan was released for public comment.

In July 2015, Shoreline (Rob Jetty Precinct), the first precinct in the Cockburn Coast Redeveloment Area was launched.

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