Champion Lakes

Move quick.

New land selling including waterfront homesites. A mix of traditional and cottage lots, the new lots range in size from 268sqm to 582sqm and are priced from $225,000.

Up to $6,000 in front landscaping and fencing vouchers are available to eligible purchasers.

Lot 259 is a prime waterfront grouped housing lot, overlooking the lake. Sized 613sqm and zoned R40 it is priced $395,000.

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A large lake in your backyard is just the beginning

Sensitively designed to the environment, this waterwise estate features quality, well designed homes bordering a 55 hectare lake. Surrounded by nature and close to an array of amenities Champion Lakes is just 23km south-east of Perth city. This connected, peaceful community is the natural choice for your next home.

The Champion Lakes estate represents best practice in environmentally sensitive design and sustainability. Each dwelling is designed to respond to local climate conditions and demonstrate sustainable living conditions. Environmental performance of dwellings is of great importance and measures to ensure that energy and water consumption is minimised are promoted. Lot layouts and building envelopes have been allocated to encourage maximum access to sunlight and allow for cross-ventilation through prevailing breezes.

As you drive around the estate you will notice that verges and front gardens do not contain turf. Instead, they feature a range of local native plant species, intentionally chosen as they are better adapted to WA conditions yet still add colour and diversity creating a striking feature on this often neglected piece of landscaping.

Champion Lakes is a waterwise estate. The local native plant species need less watering and are sustainable by being drought resistant, achieving good environmental policy to reduce water usage. They look healthy all year round even in the extremes of WA's summer and winter. Additionally, they require less maintenance to look after, leaving you to spend your time doing the things you love.

The large man-made lake was built in 2005 and is Western Australia's only purpose built rowing facility. In order to protect the lake, it is important that contaminants are not introduced into the residential estate.

The reed beds that surround the lakeshore act as a net catching contaminants before they enter the lake. All stormwater run-off flows into the reed beds where possible contaminants are stripped away. Plant species not native to WA must not be allowed to enter the water system as they can contaminate the lake. This is another reason why only local native plant species are recommended in gardens.

Many gardens at Champion Lakes incorporate mulch, arguably the most important component of a waterwise garden. Mulch helps retain moisture in the soil by protecting it from evaporation, stopping the soil from drying out. It can reduce water loss from your soil by over 70%.

The Champion Lakes Design Guidelines contain more information about waterwise planting and contain a list of suggested plants for your new home.

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