We deliver Innovation through Demonstration projects which lead the way in providing the best sustainability outcomes for development in Western Australia..

Our innovative design guideline template provides a mechanism for the development of project specific design guidelines across the State. From residential to mixed-use to industrial projects, the template offers guidance on design which is tailored to specific locations and considerations as well as regional climatic conditions.

Innovative design is vital to achieving sustainable developments in Perth and across Western Australia's regions. From Albany to Kununurra, we are progressing Innovation through Demonstration projects which feature climate-responsive design and built form tailored to the local environment and conditions.

Our regional vernacular handbooks offer guidelines which reflect local context as it is referenced by the regional climate as well as logistic and economic considerations. Both our Pilbara Vernacular Handbook and Kimberley Vernacular Handbook are available to those parties interested in achieving sustainable and locally appropriate building design.

Our residential developments reflect the need for diversity of housing with key projects advancing a new way of living in our urban centres through higher density as well as housing that reflects community needs. This can be seen at the Vive at Craigie where a Supported Independent Living Facility will provide age-appropriate housing for young adults living with disability. At WGV at White Gum Valley we will, in partnership with Access Housing and Fremantle-based cooperative Sustainable Housing for Artists and Creatives (SHAC), deliver an affordable community housing development for local artists and their families, supporting creative industry and encouraging diversity and culture in the community.

We are also delivering one of the largest urban infill developments in Perth at Cockburn Coast where we will provide medium-to-high density accommodation options for 12,000 residents in 6,000 homes. This infill community has been designed to become an activity centre through mixed-use buildings, commercial, retail and hospitality opportunities. It is also well connected to public transport, all the while celebrating the heritage of the site as is seen in the future redevelopment of the South Fremantle Power Station building.

Our industrial developments feature sustainable design features and comprehensive design guidelines to enhance environmental outcomes as is seen at Meridian Park where we have achieved high standards in sustainability with a focus on maximising water, energy and resource efficiency throughout the park.
Some of our design driven Innovation through Demonstration projects include:

Sustainability and Innovation

New combined Annual and Sustainability Report for 2017-18 released.

Innovation Through Demonstration

Sustainable development practices and cutting-edge technologies.