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Baugruppen at WGV Induction Event

LandCorp and The University of Western Australia are collaborating on an applied research project that will deliver Australia’s first replicable, higher density housing development delivered via the ‘baugruppen’ process. Baugruppen is a German word that translates directly to ‘building groups’.

In Berlin, and a number of major cities in Germany and other European cities, development of multi-unit housing is not the sole domain of investors and developers. Building groups are essentially future owner-occupiers who join together to become their own developer of well designed, sustainable and diverse multi-unit housing suitable for their long-term needs.

In a local context, the baugruppen process has potential to deliver multi-unit housing that, compared with what is available in the marketplace, is more affordable, more diverse in its housing types, more sustainable and supports the establishment of community.

 Baugruppen House Courtyard
Artist impression of Baugruppen at WGV courtyard

 Baugruppen House Exterior
Artist impression of the exterior of Baugruppen at WGV

There are other housing models that seek to involve future owner-occupiers in design, for example Nightingale Housing, a Melbourne based organisation founded by architects with experience and interest in urban housing developments, seeks to give equal priority to profit, sustainability, and liveability. The nightingale model has proven successful with the highly acclaimed ‘The Commons’ completed in Brunswick, Victoria..

Baugruppen is a step further where the developer is a collective of future owner-occupiers who determine development objectives based on their long-term needs rather than profit. The process has consistently delivered in Germany well designed, higher quality, adaptable and sustainable built-form.

Berlin's e_3 Apartment Building. Photo credit: Kaden Klingbeil Architekten

Geoffrey London, Professor of Architecture, School of Design at The University of Western Australia will lead the research to explore, with the State Government, local authorities, industry and universities, the impediments and solutions to introducing the baugruppen process in Western Australia. LandCorp is excited to participate in the research by making available a parcel of land to be purchased by a building group or baugruppe. The research will document the process to provide a guide for other groups.

Geoffrey has undertaken a study tour of European cities and has compiled considerable information from completed developments. The University of Western Australia and LandCorp brought Kristien Ring to Perth for a series of workshops, lectures and an exhibition.

Kristien is the author of ‘SELFMADE CITY. Berlin: Self-Initiated Urban Living & Architectural Interventions’ and ‘URBAN LIVING, Strategies for the future’, the Principal of AA PROJECTS, a Berlin-based studio which engages with future oriented themes in the realm of architecture and urban planning, exploring how densification contributes to improving our cities, and is a curator of international exhibitions and discussions on current themes in architecture and urbanism.

Kristien delivered the ‘Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts Annual Dean’s Lecture’ at The University of Western Australia on 18 August 2016. Kristien’s exhibition Self Made City was on display at the Cullity Gallery, the UWA Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts, Nedlands Campus from 18 August to 9 September 2016. 

photo: flickr user ADEUPa Brest

The next stage of the project will be inviting individuals, through an open process, to come together become their own developer, to cooperate through the period of project planning and delivery while, after construction, the units are converted to individual ownership, as in a conventional development. 

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