Claremont on the Park tree planting program starts

20 Jan 2016

The commitment to plant over 300 new trees at LandCorp's Claremont on the Park development kicked off this week.

LandCorp's Chief Operations Officer Mr Dean Mudford said that the tree planting program was a component of the high quality streetscape and landscape upgrades that will be a key feature of the development.

"This is an important first step in creating a development that will become a significant and sustainable link to cultural and natural landscapes," Mr Mudford said.

"The first stage will see around 190 trees planted by late February, including the creation of landscaped garden beds."

"Some of the better known tree species include the Bradford and Capital Pears, Chinese Elms Plane Trees, Peppermints and Norfolk Pines."

Mr Mudford said in addition LandCorp is ultimately creating a new interconnected network of high quality landscaped public open spaces connecting the Oval to the surrounding community.

"The network includes a pedestrian walk way around the oval which includes seating, shade structures, bbq facilities and a proposed play space for children."

"The green space will extend beyond Claremont Oval, with a number of interconnected areas of public open space and walkways to promote foot traffic and access to local facilities on both sides of the tracks."

"The project also opens up access to the Oval to be used by the community in conjunction with Claremont Football Club."

Almost 30per cent of the overall development is open space which is accessible to the public; this also includes the 20,000sqm of Oval parkland.

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