2011 Albany Waterfront Structure and Precinct Planning Framework Report second edition 17 October

2011 Approved Amendments to Albany Waterfront Precinct Plan

2006 Structure Plan

2006 Structure Plan Report

2006 Precinct Plan and Detailed Design Guidelines

2006 Precinct Plan and Detailed Design Guidelines report



Traffic Management Report



Compliance Report 2017-2018

Compliance Report 2016-2017

Compliance Report 2015-2016

Compliance Report 2014-2015

Compliance Report 2013-2014

Compliance Report 2012-2013

Compliance Report 2011- 2012

Compliance Report 2010-2011

Compliance Report 2010

Compliance Report 2009

Compliance Report 2008

Table Addressing Noncompliance and Nonconformances in the 2009 Compliance Report 

Environmental Development Plan

Albany Waterfront Environmental Protection Statement (Marina)

Appendix 1 Water and Sediment Quality

Appendix 2 Ecological risk assessment

Appendix 3 Flushing modelling

Appendix 4 Model results for proposed design

Appendix 5 Equilibrium model

Appendix 6 Habitat Mapping Data Report

Appendix 7 Breakwater sketches

Appendix 8 Construction Environmental Management Plan

Acid Sulphate Soil and Dewatering Management Plan



Heritage Impact Statement

Heritage Impact Statement Appendix 1

Heritage Impact Statement Appendix 2



Albany Waterfront newsletter - May 2008

Provides an interactive update on the development of the waterfront project.

Project Information December 2007 (8 MB)

Provides information on how the plan for the waterfront was developed, the history of its evolution, what each precinct will mean to the people of Albany, what each agency is responsible for, and the likely construction timetable.