Batavia Coast Marina Stage 2

Remediation works complete on first parcel of land

In preparation for civil works and construction of Batavia Coast Marina Stage 2, contractors were onsite during February and March 2016 to conduct Phase 1 remediation works.

Phase one of Station Square is expected to see 19 lots developed that includes a range of mixed use lots, residential apartments and single residential lots. Chambers Way, an extension of Museum Place, will also be constructed in this phase and includes a colonnade styled walkway and public car park.

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About Batavia Coast Marina Stage 2

Batavia Coast Marina Stage 2 (BCM2) has seen the amalgamation for redevelopment of land previously owned by the City of Greater Geraldton, Mid West Development Commission, the Public Transport Authority of WA, and LandCorp into a six hectare precinct that aims to connect the Geraldton Central Business District and the Batavia Coast Marina waterfront.

An additional prime parcel of land, Lot 601, has become part of the overall Batavia Coast Marina Stage 2 project, expanding the development and improving the areas connectivity.

Once complete, BCM2 is anticipated to connect the city centers main areas of activity and offer a new mix of residential, commercial, retail and tourism developments with landscaped surrounds and public open space.

LandCorp, the City of Greater Geraldton, and the Mid West Development Commission form Batavia Coast Marina Stage 2 Steering Committee to deliver the development.

BCM2: North & South Parcels

The six hectare precint of Batavia Coast Marina Stage 2 has been divided into two parcels of land that will be developed in sections.

The first parcel of land for development will be the area south of Bayley St which lies between Chapman Road and Foreshore Drive. In keeping with the site's heritage, and to reflect its location adjacent to one of the busiest marinas on the Coral Coast, the new precinct will be known as Station Square at Batavia Coast Marina.

The transformation of Geraldton’s former rail marshalling yards into Station Square at Batavia Coast Marina is paving the way for a new vibrant inner city destination. The mixed-use precinct will offer a new destination to meet and socialise, supported by residential living and a range of commercial outlets.

The development is also planned to be an innovative demonstrator of the Water Sensitive Cities principles. Incorporating sustainable practices that retain and reuse stormwater on-site will reduce the developments reliance on existing infrastructure and potable water supplies while maintaining a cool lush public landscape and reducing the urban heat effect.

The second parcel of land north of Bayley St, between Stella Maris Drive and Champan Road is a future development area.