Progress marches onwards in the Pilbara and we're continually working to open up new land to create great places for communities to live and enjoy this unique part of Western Australia,

It's a big region and a big job. The Pilbara covers around 500,000 square kilometres in the State's North West and is home to Australia's largest resource projects.

To keep track with this progress, the State Government's Pilbara Cities blueprint is transforming Karratha and Port Headland into major cities of the north. These projects will create fresh new lifestyle options and a mix of housing styles to suit everyone; from apartment living in the heart of town, to climate-sensitive family homes in beautifully designed residential estates.

Drawing on State and Federal Government funding, with support from the private sector, these visionary new town centres, public places, parks and residential estates will provide a bright new future for generations to come.

It is a bold plan, but one that will provide new and exciting public facilities and a wider choice of living options to build connected communities right across the region.

The blueprint extends beyond Port Head and Karratha. Town sites in South Hedland, Newman, Onslow, Tom Price and Dampier will also be revitalised to create modern new regional centres.

Supporting the local economy, new light and heavy industrial land will continue to be developed to meet the needs of local communities and industries across the region.

To learn more about the exciting lifestyle and business opportunities available in the Pilbara right now, click on the interactive map.

To view the Newman Revitalisation fly through click here.